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About us

Our motto?
Never say no to challenges and chai!

Since our inception in 2012, it has been nothing but a rollercoaster for us. In a very small amount of time, we have managed to secure our rightful place in the market and work with prestigious brands.
We are an agency who believes in the power of consistency and evolution with time. A user centric and friendly experience is the cornerstone of each of our client’s success.

Our achievements

Awards are to an agency what marksheet is to education. The authenticity of any agency is, fortunately or unfortunately, measured by the accolades it has received and we have received quite a few them. Namely:

About our founder

Mr. Mayureshwar Kale, MD
A Masters in Personnel Management (MPM) with 15+ years of experience in the Media and Advertising industry, ensures that each person working with him makes excellence a habit. He believes in pure intent, patience, positivity and precision the ‘4 P’s of life’. He sets and implements the company’s policies, plans and strategies also ensuring meeting company’s goals.