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PNG Brothers Digital Marketing Case Study


With a legacy of almost eighteen decades, PNG brothers has set a benchmark for jewellery distinct to Maharashtra. Along with exceptional designs and skilful craftsmanship, it also assures quality and purity of the product. It has further decided to expand its horizons to cater to the changing needs of time. PNG Brothers came up with a brand-new luxurious pearl-jewellery collection.

The Challenges

With the onset of new generation and contemporary designs in the market, PNG Brothers faced a stiff competition. Also, amidst the increasing trend of online shopping, a sink was observed in the overall number of walk-in customers at stores of PNG Brothers all over Pune. Though the team was working towards bringing innovation in designs, the convention advertising media was not adequate to overcome the challenge of decreased number of sales exclusively from its physical stores. We at FullHouse determined a structured Social Media & Digital Marketing strategy right from pre to post launch activities and everything in-between.

Thus, the main objective behind launching the new pearl campaign, that too through a social media campaign, was to increase the visibility and make an appeal to more and more consumers to visit the stores of PNG Brothers.

The Approach

To tackle this challenge of increasing engagement as well as the shop footfall, PNG Brothers partnered with us for the launch of this iconic pearl collection. With the expertise of a well-equipped design, social media & digital marketing as well as copywriting teams, we formulated a solid data-based blueprint to launch the pearl collection in the market.

The following were the salient features of the plan:

  • Market Research: Collecting and analysing the market behaviour data and at the same time monitoring similar activities conducted by its competitors was a crucial aspect. This helped our Social Media & Digital Marketing and Strategy team to come up with unique launch ideas.
  • Defining the Target Audience: As pearl is an embodiment of luxury and sophistication, the main target audience were working professionals and those who prefer minimalistic styling elements. However, as the social media campaign emphasised on visiting the store, this approach was more localized and focused on catering to the increasing number of working women in the Pune city.
  • Engaging Social Media Presence: We helped the brand build a strong social media presence and also enhanced its visibility; especially through the tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), organic & paid social media. Creatives with engaging designs, innovative captions and copywriting, along with the use of trending hashtags and keywords helped the brand set its root deep into the maze of digital marketing.
  • Compelling Content Creation: We not only generated innovative and captivating copies for the collection, but also lucratively portrayed the glimpses of the fine pearl jewellery pieces through reels and creative visuals. These posts ended with a note of an appeal made to the consumers to visit the sores for more amazing experience.

The Outcome

By leveraging the strategic well-thought digital marketing efforts at FullHouse, combined with the welcoming in-store experiences offered by PNG, we successfully increased footfall at the physical stores of PNG Brothers. Sale-wise, we achieved a dedicated sale of an amount from the new pearl collection, which accounted for almost 20x times more ROI (Return on Investment) of the social media investments by the brand! The journey has not stopped here, as we continue to regularly analyse the impact of similar marketing campaigns and further refine our strategy based on a data-driven approach.